Snow Chicken Brand Communications

My attraction to media started as a little tyke, cutting and pasting magazine images to a scrapbook. Since, I've compiled over 20 yrs of branding experience - in agencies and as a client. Snow Chicken was created as an outlet for this passion & experience.


Jay Burke - OWNER

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Snow Chicken Story

I’m out on a mountain bike ride when I'm accosted by a strange bird. I go home and research the bird to find it is a Ptarmigan (or at least I think it is), often called Snow Chickens in Europe. The feisty little thing was hardly intimidating, but its persistence was truly inspiring. All things come together in this story to create Snow Chicken Strategic Brand Communications.

Anyone knowing me and my affinity for snowsports would understand that I immediately fell for the slang name of the Ptarmigan (snow chicken) – and the tenacity the little bird displayed stayed with me for days.  And so, Snow Chicken was born with a desire to create big brand voices (the Ptarmigan’s attitude) for smaller companies and businesses (the Ptarmigan’s physical stature)