Snow Chicken Brand Communications

My attraction to media started as a little tyke, cutting and pasting magazine images to a scrapbook. Since, I've compiled over 20 yrs of branding experience - in agencies and as a client. Snow Chicken was created as an outlet for this passion & experience.

Why Snow Chicken

Brands are built around what people are saying about you (the company), not on what you (the company) are saying about yourself.
— Guy Kawasaki

When you have a great product or service, people talk, when people talk positively about your brand it grows!  Let's get your brand in the conversation.

Our approach is straightforward; we never profess to know everything about your brand or your industry, so the first step of any working relationship is getting to know you thoroughly. Once this understanding is established, we will craft a plan that accomplishes marketing and communications goals developed specifically for the growth of the company at a pace that is realistic and attainable. 

With Snow Chicken the process never stops – continually assessing the plan is essential.  It is an “infinite-cycle”  and we will be constantly building, implementing, listening, and adjusting. The “infinite-cycle” has never been more important to the process than now, social mediums have elevated the conversation around brands to a new level – with instantaneous feedback and input from customers, make sure you are using this data correctly.